Sburlon liquor

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Called "Spintone", in parmesan dialect, many people believed that, after a good meal, it facilitates digestion, giving a sort of "push"; diluted with water, it was considered an excellent tonic.

The sburlon is the result of maceration and alcoholic infusion of apple pulp, previously grated or pulped. The pulp thus treated is first macerated for about five days in order to extract all the juices which are then placed in infusion in alcohol, together with various flavorings and sugar, for a period not less than 30 days. It follows filtration and bottling. The result is a high alcohol content liqueur, clear, yellow and brown colour.

Its preparation is ancient and the recipe has countless variations. The sburlon has always been, along with the walnut and Bargnolino, one of the most widespread popular liquors. Until a few decades ago, in fact, in the mountains and plains, there was a plant of Apple cotognada which drew the jam and liqueur.

In winter it is consumed at room temperature, in summer it's better served cold.

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